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2 June 2016

Greater cooperation for neighbouring textile sectors in future

Meeting of German-Czech business people as part of the 6th “mtex+” Exhibition for Technical Textiles in Chemnitz / The Czech Republic is the “mtex+” partner country for the first time / ATOK and “vti” sign cooperation agreement

The Czech Republic was the partner country at the 6th “mtex+” International Exhibition for Technical Textiles held in Chemnitz on 31 May – 2 June 2016 for the first time. For this reason, a meeting of German-Czech business people took place at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) in Chemnitz during the “mtex+” at the instigation of the General Consulate in Dresden with support from the Foreign Ministry of the Czech Republic. The co-organisers were the Association of the Textile and Clothing Industry in the Czech Republic (ATOK), the Association of the North-East German Textile and Clothing Industry (vti), the CCI and Chemnitz Trade Fair Centre.  
 “We’re delighted that more than 50 representatives from textile companies and textile training and research institutes accepted our joint invitation,” says Consul Eva Reinöhlova, summarising the meeting. “They talked about very specific opportunities for cross-border cooperation in production, research & development and training in many personal discussions.” ATOK and “vti” also signed a cooperation agreement. Among other things, the associations have agreed to develop and implement projects that will bring benefits to both sides, provide mutual support at sector exhibitions and closely coordinate matters when communicating the interests of their member companies at a European level.
The Czech Cluster for Technical Textiles (CLUTEX) presented fabrics designed to protect people from radiation and other high-tech materials, breathable membranes based on nano-fibres, health care textiles for hospitals, ropes and cords and technical crocheted fabrics at the “mtex+”. The joint stand organised by CLUTEX featured high-performance companies like SVITAP based in Svitavy, SILK & Progress from Brnenec, SINTEX based in Ceska Trebova, renowned institutes, INOTEX in Dvur Kralove and TZU in Brno, and the Industrial Textiles College in Liberec.
The 6th “mtex+” took place under the heading “Discover highTEXTILES + functions!” alongside the 4th LiMA Lightweight Design Exhibition. The main topics there included textile composites and textile-based lightweight design. The Saxon Industry and Technology Fair (SIT) enabled additional contacts with design and development engineers from other sectors. Overall, 280 exhibitors from Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Switzerland and the Czech Republic participated in the three exhibitions. 
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