7. Int. Messe für technische Textilien
29. - 30. Mai 2018
Messe Chemnitz

Exhibition profile & Positioning

The mtex+ is the International Exhibition for Technical Textiles for new and innovative textile problem solutionsfocusing on the markets of Eastern Europe.
Your exhibition facilities - New solutions to textile problems for user sectors from A to Z:
  • Functionalised and intelligent textiles
  • Digitalised production
  • Method and process development
  • Textile finishing and coating
  • Textile composites & recycling
  • Checking & certifying
  • Protection against plagiarism
The mtex+ 2018 provides personal contacts with the largest Eastern German industrial and research region, an intensive exchange of ideas with new and existing partners and a suitable platform for developing ideas for future projects and partnerships.  


mtex+ at the centre of an unique textile and textile machine engineering cluster

In den Central German textile area exists an high number of research and educational institutions, which are specialized in textiles and textile composites, in compared with all Germany as well as comprehensive production capacity.

Chemnitz, seat of the sector association vti, is the Centre of this exceptional  high-performance and unique cluster. Cross-border research anddevelopment projects in connection with the EURO TEXTIL REGION (Brandenburg/Saxony - Poland - Czech Repubilc) are coordinated from Chemnitz.