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Exhibitors mtex

7th Int. Trade Fair for Technical Textiles // 29 May to 31 May 2018 Messe Chemnitz
7. Int. Messe für Technische Textilien// 29. Mai bis 31. Mai 2018 Messe Chemnitz



high-tech textiles for many different sectors

Michael Kynast, CEO Messe Chemnitz
Michael Kynast, CEO Messe Chemnitz
The “mtex” textile exhibition will be expanding its range of topics beyond mobile textiles in future. Now named “mtex+ - International Exhibition for Technical Textiles”, it will devote its attention to the entire range of high-tech textiles starting with the 6th edition.

“Textiles equipped with additional functions are continuing to gain ground and occupy new fields of application in almost every sector. Textiles are often lighter, easier to handle and more robust than traditional materials,” the Head of the Exhibition, Michael Kynast, explains. “It will become more and more important for product developers in particular to familiarise themselves with the latest developments in this sector, consult textile experts even during the phase of discovering ideas and draw up solutions to problems in conjunction with them.

We offer a suitable platform for this with our event, where everything is on the spot and where in-depth personal contacts are possible. Chemnitz is also the centre of a unique cluster involving textile production, textile machine engineering and textile research. Travelling to the heart of the internationally best networked textile region of Saxony and Thuringia will pay off in every respect.”

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