7th Int. Exhibition for Technical Textiles
29/30 May 2018
Exhibition Center Chemnitz

Yarns and fibres


Fabrics, knitted fabrics, knitwear, interlaid scrims, braiding and embroidery

Intelligent textiles, Smart Systems

Textile composites

Bonded fibre fabrics

Check, certify, protection from plagiarism

Material tests and measuring techniques

Recycling, sustainable production

Research and development

Textile production and processing technology

  • Machines and tools
  • Textile finishing and coating
  • Textile production

Process optimization, automation

  • Special machines
  • Industrial robots
  • Measurement and control technology
  • Warehouse and conveying technology
  • Safety technology


  • Cleaning and regeneration techniques
  • Technical accessories
  • Textile care


  • Planning and consulting companies
  • Production, machine and company software
  • Industrial design


  • Initial and further training
  • Associations/public institutions
  • Publishing houses
  • Business development
For further information please have a look at the mtex+ glossary.