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6. Messe für Textilien im Fahrzeugbau // 31. Mai bis 2. Juni 2016 Messe Chemnitz
6th Exhibition for Textiles in Transportation // 31 May to 2 June 2016 Messe Chemnitz

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The exhibition mtex is certified by FKM

This fair is certified by an auditor in accordance with the rules of the FKM Society for Voluntary Control of Fair and Exhibition Statistics. This gives you planning security in the selection and planning of the "right" exhibiting - where you find your target audience.

Welcome to the 6th mtex - International Exhibition & Symposium for Textiles and Lightweight Design in Transportation // 31 May to 2 June 2016 Messe Chemnitz

Bienvenue au Salon mtex – Vítejte na mtex – Witamy na mtex – Добро пожаловать на mtex

Chemnitzer Fachmessen 2014
Bienvenue au Salon mtex – Vítejte na mtex – Witamy na mtex – Добро пожаловать на mtex

The 6th edition of the mtex takes place in spring 2016 at the Messe Chemnitz.

The development, production and application of textile components and fibre composites are constantly increasing in all areas of vehicle construction.

Textile material mixes and composite-materials are no longer only applied complexly in the car interior but are also increasingly going to define innovative exterior solutions in the future.

The mtex 2014 attended to these trends in the cradle of vehicle construction - the free state Saxony. Saxony is the byword for flexibility, innovation, outstanding training opportunities, research, modern infrastructure and a high degree of manufacturing expertise.

Based on that, the Messe Chemnitz will once again be an important meeting point and a major information platform for decision makers from all branches of vehicle construction.

Impressions of the Chemnitzer Fachmessen 2014



5th “mtex” International Mobile Textiles Show and 3rd “LiMA” Lightweight Design Exhibition a roaring success in Chemnitz

Power car for high-speed trains made of an aluminium foam sandwich material on display as a world first
Chemnitz. The 5th “mtex” International Mobile Textiles Show and the 3rd  “LiMA” Exhibition for Lightweight Design in Engineering and Plant Construction were a great success in Chemnitz on 14 – 16 May 2014 and attracted a high level of professional expertise. 88 exhibitors from Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, India, Israel and Switzerland presented their range of products and services in the Free State of Saxony at the heart of one of the most important German automobile construction, engineering and textile regions. The “mtex” and “LiMA” exhibitions were held as part of the newly conceived “Chemnitz Specialist Exhibitions” alongside the SIT Saxon Industry and Technology Fair and the “IT Users’ Forum”. Almost 5,000 visitors in all examined what the 300 exhibitors – including some prestigious research institutes – unveiled and they participated in the symposiums and workshops. The organisers not only welcomed guests from Germany to the mobile textile and lightweight design exhibitions, but trade visitors from Belgium, Brazil, China, France, Great Britain, Israel, Japan, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Russia and the Czech Republic too.

Download now - the current mtex and LiMA newsletter 2014!


Download now - the programm of the mtex-Symposium 2014!


FKT brochure „Techtex & Automotive“ now available in English

In addition to aviation, building/ architecture and medicine, the German industrial research, leading in the sector of technical textiles with a promising future, also strongly focuses on the needs of the automotive industry. Without technical textiles cars would not roll off the production line. Without light weight textiles and hightex fibres, vehicles of the future would not even get farther than the simulation status. Which importance textile light weight elements, light conductive fibres, highly durable wovens or sensor-equipped textiles do have nowadays and in which direction the need of research goes, is laid out in the brochure “Techtex & Automotive” which is now available in English.

The booklet has been published by the Forschungskuratorium Textil e. V. and supports English speaking seminars, for example at Hochschule Niederrhein. For the first time, the automotive competences of textile research and the textile industry are brought to attention by this brochure. As supplier of the automotive industry, about 50 medium-sized textile enterprises generate 4 billion Euros a year. As shown by research and transfer results, the textile research provides important approaches to solutions for problems German car manufacturers will be facing in the following years beyond e-mobility.

The publication can be downloaded as a pdf brochure under www.textilforschung.de/pdfcat/TechtexAutomotive2012en

“Thermoplastic structures suitable for mass production” - conference topic at growth core thermoPre®

thermoPre TUC,sehr klein

Prestigious speakers on 28th - 29th August 2013 at Technical University of Chemnitz... read more

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